Source code for atmo.clusters.queries

# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, you can obtain one at
from django.db import models

[docs]class EMRReleaseQuerySet(models.QuerySet): """ A Django queryset for the :class:`~atmo.clusters.models.EMRRelease` model. """
[docs] def natural_sort_by_version(self): """ Sorts this queryset by the EMR version naturally (human-readable). """ return self.extra( select={ 'natural_version': "string_to_array(version, '.')::int[]", }, ).order_by('-natural_version')
[docs] def active(self): return self.filter( is_active=True, )
[docs] def stable(self): """ The EMR releases that are considered stable. """ return self.filter( is_experimental=False, is_deprecated=False, is_active=True, )
[docs] def experimental(self): """ The EMR releases that are considered experimental. """ return self.filter( is_experimental=True, is_active=True, )
[docs] def deprecated(self): """ The EMR releases that are deprecated. """ return self.filter( is_deprecated=True, is_active=True, )
[docs]class ClusterQuerySet(models.QuerySet): """A Django queryset that filters by cluster status. Used by the :class:`~atmo.clusters.models.Cluster` model. """
[docs] def active(self): """ The clusters that have an active status. """ return self.filter( most_recent_status__in=self.model.ACTIVE_STATUS_LIST, )
[docs] def terminated(self): """ The clusters that have an terminated status. """ return self.filter( most_recent_status__in=self.model.TERMINATED_STATUS_LIST, )
[docs] def failed(self): """ The clusters that have an failed status. """ return self.filter( most_recent_status__in=self.model.FAILED_STATUS_LIST, )